What's the name of your periodical (in confidence)
Up to 250 words on the publication. Gender, Demographic. Number of pages. Why is it different? Who are the people who will be buying your publication?
Nearest Competitor(s) by name to help identify ranging and allocations
Please provide a flat lay of web ready cover and spread images for each product. Along with up to five spreads/pages for use in marketing on our websites/newsletters to prospective stockists
Average quantities you would like to distribute with Trident
From previous issues
Expected Target and Sells/sell through figures
Where do you want your publication distributed to?
This is where we have delivery warehouses from Printer or from Sea/Air Port
Name and/or number of Issue
When would you like to go on sale? (note a MONDAY or THURSDAY on sale date)
When do you think your next issue will go on sale?
Local Cover Price if International or preferred AUD/NZD)
If you don't, we can help you
Existing or New Barcode TBC.
Usually, ISSN - 2 or more issues p.a, ISBN 1-2 issues p.a
How many issues planned a year
mm dimensions preferred
Average Weight for publication in grams, to help determine Distribution Rates