Retailers (Wholesale Magazines)

Australia enjoys one of the highest magazine readership per-capita in the world!
For retail businesses, that means there are repeat sales opportunities. By stocking a collection of specialty titles tailored to your customer’s interests.

Would you like to stock specialty magazines?
Request the list to download/print HERE
You can COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM or fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch.
Don’t have a credit/returns form from your internal accounting/stock management CMS? Download a Returns Form template here.

Our wholesale magazine distribution service is designed for ease and flexibility with a minimum order of only 5 copies for most titles.
You choose the titles which suit your customer demographic as well as the trading terms which best suit your business.  Opt to trade on Consignment  (also known as sale or return, and dependent of title) to test in store or Firm Sale for titles you’re sure will sell and enjoy extra margin.

If you don’t know a lot about magazine retailing, don’t worry! We can provide the guidance and support to make your magazine category a success. Magazines are usually an impulse purchase so stocking the right range of products will not only enhance the customer experience in your store, it will also deliver revenue growth.

Why you should be selling magazines;

  • REVENUE – Grow sales revenue and capitalise on the impulse purchase power of magazines
  • RANGE – Choose your range and quantity from our selection of quality magazines.
  • TERMS – Choose Consignment of Wholesale trading terms – Less risk, control margin.
  • MARKETING FREQUENCY – Keep things fresh for your customers with exciting new products/issues on a frequency basis to schedule and keep them visiting the store – every issue
  • BASKET VALUE – Entice customers to stay a little longer and purchase more in your store, resulting in an increase basket size and basket value
  • STOCK – Cater to your customers’ specific demographics, interests and hobbies by store.
  • CROSS PROMOTION – Enhance the overall retail experience with several brands expanding into other product lines (books, diaries, calendars, stationery)


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