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Welcome to Trident Magazine Services.  We curate a unique magazine business to match specialty publications with top-selling newsagents, airports, a selection of specialty stores.
Trident provide services to range, and sell your publication.

There is a strong appreciation for beautifully printed products with high production value. Newsagents are becoming destination outlets for specialty brands and in other channels, sales of niche and specialist publications have strong interest. The print aesthetic continues to be valued by readers and retailers alike.

standard Retailers (Wholesale Magazines)

Australia enjoys one of the highest magazine readership per-capita in the world! For retail businesses, that means there are repeat sales opportunities. By stocking a collection of specialty titles tailored to your customer’s interests. Would you like to stock specialty magazines? […]

getting started

standard Publishers

Welcome to Trident Magazine Services. We distribute publications to; top-selling newsagents, airports, museums, art galleries, bookstores, boutiques, design hubs. We also distribute sample/marketing copies to executive and business channels in Australia and New Zealand (Lounges/hotels/cafes). They span many interest categories and […]